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to be investigated for a photo his daughter posted after rachel jeantel testified. the caption on the photo read "we beat stupidity celebration cones and dad killed it." could that be a factor why the judge is so tough on him? >> no, i don't think so. i think the judge is dealing with don west as he presents himself in court. she is not going to hold him responsible for his daughter unless she knows, has reason to believe that he was involved in it. >> well, he was in the photo with the daughter. >> well, yeah. i would hope that she is not. don west is doing a very aggressive job as a lawyer. i disagree on certain points because i don't like the way he treated rach. . but he has properly stood up to the judge when he needed to. i didn't say the judge should not have inquired whether he wanted to waive zimmerman, it's a question of when you do it. i don't think the judge should have done it at that time when the case had not resolved itself. don was perfectly right to protest that type of inquiry at that time. certainly there was going to be a time when that was appropriate. look, i agree that lawyer
to the police which occurred when he spotted and tracked martin, the testimony of martin's friend rachel jeantel saying martin told her that zimmerman was following him, and numerous questions about zimmerman's account of the events that night. their conclusion that zimmerman profiled martin as a criminal and killed him with ill will and hatred. earlier in the day a series of contentious exchanges over jury instructions took center stage, specifically rulings on whether the jury would be allowed to consider lesser charges. zimmerman is claiming self-defense. the jury also can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. don west objected numerous times to these rulings, so many at one point that the judge basically threatened him with contempt. but tomorrow it will be west and the defense's team who will make their final case and jury deliberations could begin as early as tomorrow. for the latest, let's get to msnbc's craig melvin outside the florida courthouse. craig, what was the vibe in that courtroom, and specifically, were you able to get a read on the jurors as they listened? >> you know wh
in that that can't cause great bodily injury? is disgusting. even if we presume rachel jeantel was completely accurate in whichever version of what she first heard happen, you want to belie believe, what she said was that george zimmerman said what are you doing around here? let's just for a moment presume that we had that on auld yeo tape. let's say they recorded a phone call, and you heard her voice -- you heard george zimmerman's voice on the tape that said, what are you doing around here? what did you hear mr. root say about that? the only expert that talks about the evolution of force tell us? well, you say something like that? i might y, whatever i want, or who are you to ask? or what do you mean? or get out of my face. but dennis root didn't say the appropriate response is to break somebody's nose. did he? did he suggest that that was even near the spectrum of violence allowed, the spectrum of force allowed in a situation like that? unfortunately, you know, there was some anger and hostility, and ill will and spite maybe that night. it just had nothing to do with george zimmerman -- we
rachel jeantel was completely accurate in whichever version of what she first heard happened you want to believe, what she said was that george zimmerman said, "what are you doing around here?" that's just for a moment presume that we had that on audiotape. let's say they were recording their phone call and you heard her voice. you heard george zimmerman's voice on the tape that said "what are you doing around here?" what did mr. root say about that? what is the only expert that talks about the evolution of force tell us? well, you say something like that, i might say whatever i want or who you ask, or what do you mean? or get out of my face. but dennis root didn't say that the appropriate response it to break somebody's nose, did he? did he suggest that that was even near the spectrum of violence allowed, spectrum of force allowed in a situation like that? unfortunately, you know, there was some anger and hostility and ill will and spite maybe that night that just had nothing to do with george zimmerman. well, that's not true. it had something to do with george zimmerman. he was a vi
know, race is an incredibly strong sub text from the way rachel jeantel is perceived to the reason why zimmerman might have thought that martin was suspicious in the first place. this was a sub text there anyway. and it was, i guess the prosecution felt it was time they addressed it. >> in his closing, defense attorney mark o'mara said it -- they will show you that in that community, there was a rash of people burglarizing homes, and you know what else it's going to show you? it's going to show you that a lot of the people who were arrested for it, the only people who were found and arrested were young black males. i'm going to talk about race in a little bit too. the reason why i mention that now is we talked about assumptions and what you sort of bring into your world. listen to the calls. anger? frustration? hatred? ill will? spite? get out here and get these guys? i hate these young black males? whatever the absurdity is they want you to get from that. listen to the calls. >> joy, as an african-american female, when you hear profiling, are you thinking racial profiling? >> y you ca
on the phone with rachel jeantel, he wasn't in any particular hurry. so the fact that it took him another four minutes to walk around the community on the way to his dad's house, i didn't really feel that proved much of anything. >> well, paul henderson, i think what he was trying to say is that trayvon martin was really not going home, but that rather he was lurking so that he could assault george zimmerman. the prosecution, i took note of the fact that they commented upon trayvon martin still having his buds in, unfortunately, when he lost his life. i thought that was an effective way of saying wait a minute, this is a guy listening to tunes whose mind is not on george zimmerman necessarily. >> exactly. i didn't feel like they shifted the burden or that the onus was on trayvon martin for what he was responsible for in the four minutes. and as a prosecutor, i would have flipped that right back around and said you know what happened during that four minutes? trayvon martin got profiled. trayvon martin got tracked, and trayvon martin got confronted. and then at the end of that evening, trayvon
, rachel jeantel's testimony. when the prosecutor actually stands up and puts it together, you may see a much more compelling picture more indicative of second-degree murder than manslaughter. that's possible. >> from the defense prospective, mark, they acquit him on second-degree murder but convict him of a lesser charge, some on those prison terms in florida carry a comparative prison sentence. >> it's the defense that wants the lesser included and because you have a lesser punishment. here in california, remember how this works. what is explained to the jury is first you decide the murder charge. if you find not guilty on the murder, then you work down to the manslaughter, basically, the difference between the two is whether or not there is malice. so all of this talk about ill will and the level and intent and everything else is for the jury to decide. if they can't find malice, they work down. normally the defense wants the lesser because it's punishment by much less or doesn't have what is the l next to it for life. here, you have that. so the defense is going to be in the positi
in the an mission the insights of his friend rachel jeantel. she said she heard trayvon screaming get off, get off but the animation doesn't show that. the defense wants to introduce it, the prosecution says it's absolutely unfair and the jurors will play it over and over again in the jury room and convince themselves to believe zimmerman. >>> a former florida circuit court judge and the host of judge alex. judge alex, this is getting down to the real nitty gritty, isn't it? >> yes. >> this animation video, it's pure property -- propaganda isn't it? >> they want to tell the story they believe happened. so for the prosecution to get in and say well, this doesn't have the parts we think happened, of course it doesn't. if you create our own animation, you want put in trayvon martin zimmerman because that's the defense theory, not yours. still i think it should come in as a demonstrative aid. there are holes to be filled because some things haven't been testified to. >> this evidence from vincent demayo, he's obviously incredibly experienced but there were holes i thought the prosecution got into righ
that they present a certain image to the world. and i think the same thing was done to rachel jeantel. because she wasn't humbling herself, to someone who was being rather rude to her. >> and a young woman clearly having posttraumatic stress. her friend, did, in fact, die and she was the last one to speak to him. but again, that point that races are kind of filtered. it's painful to watch how this is once again playing out. thank you to msnbc's alex wagner and to toure. i love having my fellow msnbc hosts here at the table. >>> up next, the prisoner who's been in solitary confinement for 41 years, he's now facing truly the fight of his life. ♪ that's me... i made you something. ♪ i made you something, too. ♪ see you next summer. ♪ [ male announcer ] get exceptional values on the highest quality cars at the summer of audi sales event. ♪ a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ m
of the witnesses the prosecution called recalled back to testify, again. maybe rachel jeantel, the so-called star witness. she's subject to be recalled. the state called 38 witnesses. mark o'mara would not give indication of how many he will call. he's going to put on a vigorous defense for george zimmerman. >> big thanks to you, sir. >>> an update on the disappearance of madeline mccann. she is the 3-year-old british girl who disappeared in may, 2007. you remember, she went missing while on vacation with her family in portugal. now, six years later, they have new evidence, right now, they are investigating 38 people of interest and they say they believe there's a chance madeline mccann could be alive. s more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what yo
, but a car where the mail boxes are. by coincidence, what rachel jan jeantel told you where he was, under the shaded part. where he described the defendant looking at him. >> he kept yelling, does that is he claims the victim kept yelling -- of course nobody else heard this but told the police it happened. did mr. good say anything about, when he came out, he heard the victim say or the person on top say? [inaudible] >> when the neighbor came up talking to me, he was next to him because he thought -- more strategically like that? >> just trying to hear what you're saying. are you getting nervous? i'm not going to beat you up. is that what you mean? >> you were -- >> natural. [inaudible] >> a minor, minor point. what was the relevance of that and why did it think it was important for you to hear again? because in terms of wanting to be a life. she wanted to know what she was doing to saveguard the firearm when somebody is around. trying to talk the police jargon. trying to impress the police officers. i'm one of you all. i can understand police officers and all that stuff. i've got a crimi
you don't know if he was telling you the truth or not. >> why need to lie about that, sir? >> rachel jeantel, the friend on the phone with him moments before he was shot said he was trying to get away from a man who was following him. >> creepy ass cracker. i heard trayvon saying get off, a little bit as i was calling his name. >> then came neighbor john good, a prosecution witness whose story seemed to bolster zimmerman's defense. >> i could tell the person on the bottom had a lighter skinned color. >> police officer christopher soreno, the lead detective the night of the incident that originally recommended manslaughter charges testified about trying to catch zimmerman in a lie. >> you feel he exaggerated the manner in which he was hit? >> yes, sir. >> state would call sybrina fulton. >> the courtroom was riveted by the testimony of grieving parent sybrina fulton and tracy martin who talked about losing their 17-year-old son. >> my youngest son is trayvon benjamin martin. >> our world has just been turned upside down. >> and late in the trial john guy used a mannequin to demonstrat
for the very first time with the -- >> you're talking rachel jeantel. >> with the mother sitting next to her. you're undermining the credibility of this witness, tainting her testimony and playing the 911 tape for the entire family together, you've eliminated the usefulness of them as a witness. if each of them testify it's trayvon's voice on 911 tape, they could pick that up because they hear the mom say it's trayvon's voice. they didn't do the family a favor by trying to appease them and the lack of prosecution. >> who do you think did a better job wrapping this up? >> i think the defense did because they have the law on their side. but i wish o'mara hit on more points. there are powerful points i think he did not make. prosecution argued emotion. you argue emotion when you don't have the law. the law is the law and they are going for an emotional verdict because the law's not on their side. >> judge alex ferrer, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >>> coming up on the show, are your monthly bills getting more expensive by the day? up next, the four phone calls you can make tod
Search Results 50 to 62 of about 63